Base Features

  1. All components in one device           
  • Integrated components. Multiple functions in one simple design
  1. Less Expensive                                                                                                       
  • No inductors, inexpensive components. Consolidation of multiple products into one adds cost savings
  1. Lighter                                                                                 
  • All electronics being consolidated and in a lighter design. Very important for Electric Vehicles or anywhere weight is an issue. More efficiency from 100% lighter design (shipping costs lower)
  1. Smaller         
  • Smaller designs mean space and cheaper shipping.
  1. Extend battery life                                                         
  • Current tests show 25% increase on lead acid batteries.
  1. Smart Chip                                                                                              
  • Every panel, battery, rickshaw, car, etc. becomes a smart brain. It knows how system is performing and can make every component function smarter, faster, better.
  1. Improved charge acceptance          
      • Less expensive, smaller, more efficient, with all other added benefitsLess expensive, smaller, more efficient, with all other added benefitsFaster charging throughout entire charge process. Means more charge in battery, which means more power/use

"Our technology creates effects that are much more than the sum of its parts."

apparent energy - batteries

Additional Options

  1. Increased conversion efficiency, more power output                      
  • e. any watt panel (tested 100-320W) performs at 5% more than industry comparisons.
  1. Bi-directional operations                                                                                 
  • Allows for consolidated design. Motor controller and charger in one design as opposed to two separate devices.
  1. High speed power maximization function (HSPMF)                                             
  • Every panel has high speed power maximization. Every panel performs better. (MPPT) Extremely useful to track and adjust power input through solar panel with changing road and weather conditions to maximize efficiency.
  1. Data mining                                                                                                       
  • The ability for any company to know how much power is being generated, used, saved etc. Data can be shared with industry and governments. Real time feedback and data.
  1. Independent solar panels/ Battery                                                                      
  • Each individual panel or battery will have its own AE electronics to help them function independently. i.e. if one panel loses power it doesn’t affect the entire system, all other panels or batteries still function at maximum. Extremely robust design. Batteries are not reliant on health or condition of any other battery if it is paralleled

Batteries don’t get evenly charged in a series configuration.

  1. Motor controller                                                                     
  • Drive power directly from source to motor. This can be integrated into same design that allows for all the other features. i.e. Allows for driving direct on sun if batteries full. Parallel motor controller operates every battery independently.
  1. AC power charger                                                                                                         
  • Integrated charger built in with all other features. Can plug any device in.
  1. Solar charger                                                                                                        
  • Less expensive, smaller, more efficient, with all other added benefits.
  1. USB port / blue tooth etc.                                                                  
  • Can add multiple USB connectivity to allow for additional use of AE box.
  1. power booster                                                                              
  • Pull energy out of battery if below threshold to allow for additional power use.
  1. Conditioning battery                                                                  
  • Small constant pulsing conditions and maintains through vibrations and frequency to prevent sulfating.
  1. High speed power maximizing of a water pump controller                              
  • Less expensive, smaller, more efficient, with all other added benefits
  1. Variable
  • Ability to have a plug and play device. Any panel/Source will be able to communicate with any load/storage i.e. 100watt , 200watt 300 watt panel or 12v, 24v, and 48v battery can all use the same integrated device.