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Nagaraj Murthy
Nagaraj Murthy
International Director

Nagaraj has over 25 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur in breakthrough technologies like digital satellite phone system and laser systems for military and civilian application. He has years of experience in developing countries and is well connected with governmental leaders around the globe.

  • Entrepreneur with world wide business experience
  • Satellite and Defense – Design and OEM circuit boards for the use in satellites
  • Applied Laser Systems – Founder and Director, company had a successful IPO in 1980’s
  • Global Digital Satellite Systems 1990’s – Founder and key business development person to bring low cost satellite communication to developing countries
Ganesh S.P.
Sales Consultant

Ganesh joined our team, his sales and marketing background are fueled by his passion for changing the growing pollution problem in his country.

  • Spent the past 30 years in the family business as an entrepreneur
  • Spent over 20 years working with the Indian government
  • Worked with national of multinational companies as a consultant, managerial and upper management, reporting directly to the Managing Director and CEO
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Ashok Via
Legal and Accounting Consultant
  • Senior Chartered Accountant (CPA) with over 38 years experience
  • Provides business advisory and financial consulting to various multinational companies
  • Served on many independent boards in India