Battery and Solar System Solutions

apparent energy - industry - solar and batteries
  1. Bi-directional energy movement – The ability to move energy to a load and from a load as an intrinsic trait at up to 400,000 cycles per second. Allows us to replace multiple components such as chargers and controllers into an integrated, smaller, more cost effective device. The entire systems works more efficiently.
  2. Frequency and pulse width range – Variable ranges that can be optimized to find exactly what the battery needs and output an optimized charge to insure speed of charge and battery life.
  3. Variable Power output – Imagine being able to use your solar panel to charge any device as needed; simple, smart, and efficient. Load can be matched to source to work on multiple applications. Use the same technology to charge our home, car, smart device or any other application.
  4. Size, Weight, Design, Cost – We can create a smaller lighter more affordable design that can incorporate multiple industry functionalities into one simple design.