About us

About Us

Apparent Energy was launched in 2012 with the mission of building products that help realize the vision of a more sustainable planet. With engineering backgrounds we set to task testing and researching truly revolutionary ideas surrounding green energy. Our focus has and still is on renewable energy, specifically in the way we move electrons from the power source, to the load or storage system. We firmly believe that our technology is at the heart of the clean energy revolution.

We have built a diverse team around this vision and these ideas to help bring our solutions to market.


apparent energy - Bill Patridge - CEO & EVP of Sales and Marketing
Bill Patridge
President and CEO

Bill has over 30 years of experience in founding, managing and developing publicly traded companies as a President and CEO. He has world wide business experience and a patent on the red dot laser where he raised 30 million dollars in public underwriting. This was called Applied Laser Systems and since then also founded Hedgebrook & EcoSolutions.

Nick Baida
Vice President of Product Development

Nick Baida is an entrepreneur and inventor. He has started more than 7 successful businesses, half a dozen patents, and is a self made man who has built himself from the ground up. Nick is a problem solver, his technical background combined with his good business sense, has been key in leading our engineering team in taking our unique investments and creating marketable products.

Hani Henri Hajje
Board Member and Founder

Hani has a Physics and engineering background with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and engineer. Hani was the founder and CEO of Power Solutions. He launched and sold his first company Power Solutions, Inc. in 2000 and was part of Merchant e-Solutions, Inc. that sold for 670 million dollars in 2012. At Merchant e-solutions, INC. Hani managed Sales, marketing, and strategic account management.

William Go Board Member
William Go

William Go started as an Engineer Cisco Systems. Since his term as an engineer he has worked in the investment world managing investment and eventually running his own Venture Capital firm. Since 2014 William Go has been a managing partner of Johnny Carino's restaurant chain of a several thousand staffed restaurant. William Go has been a board member of Apparent Energy since 2014.

Jeffrey Jensen
Sales and Business Strategy

Jeffrey Jensen has more than a decade of experience in sales work with both B2B and B2C. Jeffrey's experience includes digital marketing, business development, and lead generation. He is a serial entrepreneur with a background of success.

Holly Duer
Holly Duer
Accounting and Administrative

Holly has been working for Bill in various endeavors for over a decade and is a perfectionist with great attention to detail. During that time she has acted as an Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Board Secretary, Supply Chain Logistics, and Real Estate Management.

Adam Reed
Electronics Design & Product Development

Adam was with Bill going back to their success with making the laser pointer and other patented technologies. They have spent their lives inventing and building companies with complimentary skills.

Clay Baker
Electronics and Solar Designer

Clay Baker has been key in developing and testing the DEC solar charger patented technology. Clay is a brilliant engineer with direct experience in the solar field. Clay has been working with Apparent Energy since 2015.

Gerard Jilek
Gerard Jilek

Gerard has more than 3 decades of experience in engineering and technology development. His experience extends to developing technology with fortune 500 companies such as HP. Gerard working in the printing and manufacturing sectors for a majority of his career and now apply's those skills in the creation of our proprietary technology.