About us

About Us

Apparent Energy was launched in 2012 by Hani Hajje and Brett Belan with the mission of building products that help realize the vision of a more sustainable planet. With engineering backgrounds we set to task testing and researching truly revolutionary ideas surrounding green energy. Our focus has and still is on renewable energy, specifically in the way we move electrons from the power source, to the load or storage system. We firmly believe that our technology is at the heart of the clean energy revolution.

We have built a diverse team around this vision and these ideas to help bring our solutions to market.
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Hani Henri Hajje
President, Strategy & Operations Manager

Hani has a Physics and engineering background with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He launched and sold his first company Power Solutions, Inc. in 2000 and was part of Merchant e-Solutions, Inc. that sold for 670 million dollars.

  • Entrepreneur and Engineer
  • Power Solutions, INC. - Founder and CEO of a start up in e-commerce in early 1995 (sold in 2000)
  • Merchant e-solutions, INC. - Sales, marketing and strategic account management (sold in 2012)
apparent energy - CTO and Chief Engineer - Brett Belan
Brett Belan
CTO and Chief Engineer

Brett started his Mechanical Engineering career with Ford and Jaguar. He spent the past 15 years in his off grid business inventing and building electric vehicles. Brett is our inspiration for new ideas and has helped us push the boundaries of technology.

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Jaguar and Ford - Design and training in FEA/CAD
  • Inventor - Working on and off grid solutions including installations, maintenance off grid systems and building electric vehicles
  • Apparent Energy, INC. - October 2013 - Current
apparent energy - Bill Patridge - CEO & EVP of Sales and Marketing
Bill Patridge

Bill has over 30 years of experience in founding, managing and developing publicly traded companies. He has world wide business experience and a patent on the red dot laser where he raised 30 million dollars in public underwriting.

  • President & CEO of Publicly traded companies
  • CEO of Applied Laser Systems, Hedgebrook & EcoSolutions
  • World Wide business experience
  • Over 30 year in founding, managing and developing publicly traded companies
Adam Reed
Electronics Design & Product Development

Adam was the chief engineer and inventor at Applied Laser Systems and a patent holder on the breakthrough technologies of the red dot laser. He spent over 30 years in electronics developing and testing new technologies. Adam brings experience in taking a product from R&D to a finished product ready for the market.

  • Chief Engineer at Applied Laser Systems
  • Designer and engineer of many inventions
  • Patent Holder on breakthrough technologies; the red dot laser
  • Over 30 years of experience in the industry
Clay Baker
Electronics and Solar Designer

Clay joined our team as a junior designer with a lot of hands on experience. His passion with music and electronics bring a new look at how problems are solved. Sometimes a good jam can clear the mind and a problem is solved.

  • Building and designing PCB boards
  • Programming micro-processors
  • Experimenting, test specking and data logging
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Leonard J. Schussel, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineer & Battery Chemistry Guru

Leonard has a PHD in chemistry where he spent over 20 years working and teaching. He has written over 14 publications and has done research for NASA & the Johnson Space Center. He has been instrumental in helping our engineers refine the electronics to best suit the chemistry of the batteries.

Lebeau Potgieter
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Lebeau has worked in the Financial Services industry for the past 10 years. He started at American Express Financial Advisors before moving to ING Financial Partners where he managed $50million in assets. He brings tremendous sales and service expertise to our team.
Lebeau is originally from South Africa and did his Higher education in the UK and continues to have active connections in both these market places.

Nick Baida

Nick started his first company at age 22. He operated a custom cabinet company that excelled through innovation in process and inventions to reduce manufacturing time and labor cost fueling success in spite of the worst recession in US history. After selling this company he founded a new corporation that he currently owns and operates today serving the laundry and carwash industries.

  • CEO NBC, Inc 1998- present
  • CEO Sunshine Large load laundry Inc. 2007- present
  • Multiple patent holder with dozens of inventions
  • Entrepreneur and inventor
  • Skills in design, sales, engineering
  • 20 years of business management
  • Nick’s success is attributed to his passion for efficiency and innovation
  • National racquetball champion
Mark Walker

• More than 25 years sales and product line sales/management experience for a range of organizations from high tech start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations involving electrical/optical components (e.g., lasers), electronic test equipment and machine tools addressing scientific markets, communication equipment/system providers, system integrators and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers.