“No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it”



In cooperation with India’s SELCO®

– We aspire to produce charge controllers and other electrical components which can keep lights on
longer, keep batteries working more efficiently and increase their lifespan.

In cooperation with CEEON India®

– We aim to create products which interface with electric vehicles such as Rickshaws. This integration will provide extended battery life, solarize the fleet, and allow more freedom and mobility to those in need.

Further integrate our DEC® Technology

– The DEC (di-electric energy converter) is a simpler more versatile and all around a more efficient method for transferring DC micro grid to those in need.

Replace Electric Motors with Modern Upgrades

– Replace 100 year old technological motors with innovative Switched Reluctance Electric Motor.

Continue to innovate battery efficiency

– We’ve solved the #1 cause of battery death, we want to continue to solve these issues.


Purifying our energy grid, using less fossil fuels

– The haze of our population centers is becoming more and more smoggy and toxic as more and more fossil fuels
are being burned to quench our energetic thirst. This is true in the third world and the first world.

Innovate modern solutions for age-old problems

– We want to create intelligent products which provide essential access to goods and services. This will allow for
more time and energy to be put towards increasing education, cottage industry mobility, and public health.

Batteries are here to stay, let’s master them

– We understand the importance of battery life, both for our efficient use of materials (rare earth minerals, necessary chemicals), and for our sustainability. More recycling, less landfills!



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Apparent Energy was launched in 2012 by Hani Hajje and Brett Belan with the mission of building products that help realize the vision of a more sustainable planet. With engineering backgrounds we set to task testing and researching truly revolutionary ideas surrounding green energy. Our focus has been and still is on renewable energy, specifically in the way we move electrons from the power source, to the load or storage system.

We firmly believe that our technology is at the heart of the clean energy revolution

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